Journal articles:

Internal Lobbying at the IASB: The case of the Liabilities Project  Journal of Accounting and Public Policy, 35 (3). pp. 224-255. ISSN 0278-4254  doi

Articles under Review:

Sequences of Change: The influence of financial economics on financial reporting practice (under review, Accounting Organisations and Society)

Elite networks and the rise of social impact reporting in the UK social sector (under review, Contemporary Accounting Research)

Book Chapters

“Note on Cross-Border Valuation” in Case Problems in International Finance, W. Carl Kester and Julia Morley. Eds. Kester, W. C., and T. A. Luehrman. New York: McGraw- Hill (1993).

Case studies

"Harley-Davidson, Inc.–1987", Harvard Business School Case 292–082

"Guardian Industries Incorporated", Harvard Business School Case 292–083

"Note on Cross-Border Valuation", Harvard Business School Note 292–084


The business of being good: a new language for social organisations” (2014). Risk and Regulation, No. 28, Centre for Analysis of Risk and Regulation. 

Cool measures or frozen ideologies?”(2011). Risk and Regulation, No. 21, Centre for Analysis of Risk and Regulation.